Monday, 5 January 2009

Training Blog Number 1

“Lucy, Lucy, come quickly! Look out the window, there’s a lunatic running round the field!”
So the encouraging words of my son-in-law, supportive, sensitive, understanding, helping me to cope with this awful nightmare that has descended on me since that terrible day last autumn when I, very much against my better judgement, agreed to this lunatic proposition.

I have always hated running – at school, in those antideluvian times – it was a punishment, equally so in the army – and here I am doing it voluntarily. I just can’t believe it. Truly madness.

There’s an old abandoned airfield behind the house – I’ve got to know every blade of grass and every tree on the three and half miles or one hour, that it takes to stagger around it.

Even the small group of fallow deer that I regularly disturb from their slumbers are jarred off with me waking them up so early in the morning. They’ve taken their revenge by coming into the garden every night and eating every leaf, every rose bush, every plant. But they’ll be sorry! One of these days I’ll wear the full donkey outfit, and then they’ll really get a shock.

Talking of outfits, Lucy replied “He’s really green – not wearing any of that Chinese sweatshop imported sports equipment."

What’s wrong with wearing wellies, I want to know, it’s jolly muddy out there.

Jeremy Hulme

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Happy 2009!!!

Keep up the great work!

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