Friday, 24 April 2009

Follow the SPANA Donkeys..

For those who wish to (!) there is a way that as you rise from your sleepy beds on Sunday morning, you can track us going round the London Marathon, thanks to some little microchips we are wearing on our shoes.

Log on to and type in one of the SPANA teams running numbers (Simon is 53896, Peter is 53898 and Jeremy is 53897) – apparently you will then be able to see when we start, and when we pass 5km markers along the route, what speed we are going at (or not..!!).

It doesn't look like the adidas site is live yet, but as we registered this morning they assured us it would be on Sunday....!

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English Writing said...

I am really impressed with your costumes! WOW I had to take a second look. Very realistic it really does show how much these poor animals go through. Great work!