Monday, 3 November 2008

The Abeche Meetings

Abeche has changed quite a bit since we were here last. A EUFOR peace keeping force has helped bring even more people into what is a relatively small town, and things are getting cramped. The UNHCR compound has now not just expanded sideways over neighbouring lots but across the road (where it now has a canteen...) and there is even wi-fi, adressing the strange situation that existed last year when there was wi-fi in far flung locations like Iriba, but none at HQ!

One of the things that had frustrated us after we submitted our list of recommendations to UNHCR back in January was the lack of feedback, but in truth it's all but impossible to talk through these things by e-mail or over the phone - you just have to sit in the same room as everyone concerned (or as many people as you can get in one place at one time)and do it that way. And so while we won't yet tempt fate and give exact details about what may or may not be happening, I think we can be pretty pleased with the fact that SPANA will be involved in something very unique, innovative and ground-breaking in 2009, and all the people who have suppported our efforts to raise awareness of the importance of working animals and livestock to many people in poverty around the world should be very very proud of what they have helped us achieve.

Simon Pope

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