Tuesday, 20 May 2008


The Queen at our garden
Hurrah hurrah.
Breathless runners have just arrived from RHS headquarters - we’ve won a silver medal!!! Not bad for a bunch of amateurs like us! (OK,OK, so we did have a teeny-weeny bit of help from one or two people – Chris O’Donoghue, Helen Yemm and others too numerous to mention). Tee-hee, it’s jolly nice hearing about all the bruised egos in the mega-gardening world who haven’t won anything. We’re feeling rather smug.

It was also great when the Royal Party – out in force – arrived yesterday evening. Of course they all wanted to know why Emma was not there. The Queen also enjoyed the story of her magnificent horses falling madly in love with a humble donkey.

The crowds are just fantastic, thousands and thousands streaming past, all congratulating us and asking about SPANA – the whole point of the exercise after all - and to see thousands of our SPANA bags being carried around is just great.
Chris, Jeremy and Emma at the garden

Jeremy Hulme

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